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Mold class: 18 people (carving, plane, solid, zinc alloy mold, pressing, mold, heat treatment, saving mold)
Equipment: 3 sets of flower lighter, 6 sets of Beijing fine carving machine, 1 set of computer gong, 6 sets of flat carving machine, 1 set of lathe, 2 sets of drilling machine and 2 sets of milling machine

Die casting class: 34 students (zinc alloy die casting, stripping, riveting pin)
Equipment: 7 sets of Lijin die casting machine (5 sets of 88 tons, 1 set of 160 tons, 1 set of 200 tons), 1 set of large melting furnace, 1 set of ultrasonic stripping machine, 3 sets of hand drill machine

Stamping class: 20 students (iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, soft magnet, molding, trimming)
Equipment: four traditional presses of 50-150 tons, four hydraulic presses (300 tons, 500 tons, 1000 tons), two shears and eight presses

Processing class: 20 students (polishing, grinding stone)
Equipment: 8 polishing machines, 2 automatic polishing machines

Oil spray: 12 people (Luffa wheel, gold spray, spray paint)
Equipment: 3 sets of scavenging machine, set of oil spraying equipment, 2 sets of large oven

Color drawing class: 46 students (baking varnish, soft enamel, real enamel, golden onion powder)
Equipment: 10 automatic coloring machines and 12 ovens

Printing / Polly class: 10 students (printing, glue dropping, gem placing)
Equipment: 4 silk screen printing machines, 2 pad printing machines and 2 ovens

Quality assurance section: 11 persons (IPQC, PQC, QC) for incoming inspection, in-process inspection and quality inspection
Equipment: a set of inspection instruments and equipment, 105d table, acceptable level (AQL 1.0 ~ 2.5)

Packaging section: 50 people (packaging, packaging, shipping)
Equipment: 3 sets of hand lock bed, 2 sets of blister packing machine, 6 sets of flat cars and 1 set of automatic packing machine

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ADDRESS:No.390, Guanzhang East Road, Zhangmutou town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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