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What will affect the price and cost of Metal Medals

2020-11-10 丨

It often represents honor, has the meaning of remembrance and preservation, and has special emotional factors for the winners. Many friends are concerned about the cost and price of metal medals, so what factors affect the cost of metal medal customization price?

Well, today, Shenzhen Yihua technology tells us that the detailed impact on the cost and price of Metal Medals depends on the following five aspects:

1. The disorder degree of technology;

2. Grade of raw materials;

3. Raw material consumption of the product;

4. The number of products;

5. The length of time.

Note: the so-called customized medal refers to the customized medal. All customization starts from the molding (sample). Therefore, the quality of the mold determines the quality of this batch of finished products.

Over the years, the preservation value of metal medals has become higher and higher. Copper medals are the preferred raw materials customized by high-end medal merchants. The metal materials are relatively soft, and the metal medals produced are beautiful in appearance, high in texture and easy to be preserved for a long time.

The metal medal making process can be roughly divided into:

1. Plan metal medal draft.

2. Make metal medal mold.

3. Restrictions.

4. Blanking.

5. Polishing.

6. Welding medal accessories.

7. Electroplating and coloring of metal medals.

8. Package the metal medals according to the requirements of customers.

9. Express delivery or logistics delivery as specified by customers

10. After receiving the goods, the customer will conduct quality inspection and quantity inspection, and then the cooperative production will be completed.

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