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The reason of forming metal medal

2020-11-10 丨

Every metal medal should be made and carved with heart. The effect of metal medal production directly affects the quality of sales, so the production of metal medal is the key. How is a metal medal made? Let's take a look at it.

How do Metal Medals come into being?

Mechanical forming technology is widely used in metal medal making, which is closely related to its material characteristics. Stainless steel is usually used for metal medal making because of its high melting point. However, stainless steel metal used for metal medal has low hardness and certain plasticity. High quality metal can be obtained by adopting appropriate machining parameters and processing equipment medal. The following is the metal medal making molding process:

The use of lathes to directly process stainless steel metal profiles into medals, rings and bracelets medals are the most common, accounting for a large proportion. They are stainless steel ring and Qin alloy ring. Due to the material characteristics of stainless steel and Qin alloy, there are some difficulties in turning. It is necessary to select and formulate the corresponding processing parameters according to the material characteristics to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of medals.

Now we will analyze the causes of stainless steel cutting difficulties, hoping to help you:

1. Low thermal conductivity, cutting heat can not be transmitted in time. The heat of the tool can reach 20%. The cutting edge of the tool is easy to overheat and lose the cutting ability.

2. Chip adhesion is strong, easy to produce knife tumor. Stainless steel has high adhesiveness. When turning, the material will "stick" on the tool and produce "knife lump".

3. The chip is not easy to break. In the process of metal cutting, the forming process of plastic material (ductile material) chip has experienced four stages: extrusion, sliding, extrusion crack and cutting off.

4. The work hardening tendency is strong, which makes the tool easy to wear. The processing tendency of stainless steel is stronger, the hardness of work hardening layer is higher, and it has certain work hardening depth, which increases the machining difficulty and tool wear.

The production of Metal Medals should not only emphasize the quality, but also pay more attention to the connotation of medals and the meaning of making such medals. Medals are originally a special product, with its senior special significance. Therefore, the meaning of medal making must be positive and can motivate people to strive for progress. A medal is a kind of reward and encouragement to successful people.

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