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Tourist scenic spots, souvenirs, souvenirs, and souvenirs

2020-11-10 丨

China is a country with an ancient civilization. Its 5000 year history breeds rich tourism resources. Among the souvenirs in the major scenic spots, tourist souvenir medals occupy an important position because of their collection value.

With the rapid development of tourism, Tourism Souvenir Stamp came into being, from the production of rough lead skin to the production of excellent alloy materials, all reflect its value. Tourism commemorative medals not only become one of the symbols of the scenic spot, but also play a role in promoting the scenic spot, attracting more tourists to visit.

Several issues of making Tourist Souvenir Stamp

1. The most representative scenic spots, places of interest, ancient temples and other scenic spots should be selected for making tourism commemorative medals

2. Considering the convenience of carrying, the travel souvenir badge can be made into a small, light and colorful printed badge

3. Tourist souvenir medals can be made into a series, but considering the price factor, low price can also arouse tourists' desire to buy

4. Tourism Souvenir Stamp has collection value, which can be made by enamel technology, and it is also a kind of enjoyment of beauty

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