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Product customization process

2020-11-10 丨

Customer to provide customized requirements

You can call our hotline or contact our online customer service to provide your products

Customize the basic requirements.

If the product is customized for you

Our professional planning and design team will be responsible for you in 1-2 working days according to your specific requirements

Design product customization plan.

Customer confirmation production

We will communicate with you and adjust and perfect the product customization plan until you finally

Approve and confirm production.

Both parties sign the contract

Sign a formal purchase contract with you and immediately customize the proofing, production and package of the relevant customized products

Loading and distribution.

Customer payment deposit

Advance payment is the foundation of the contract relationship. Therefore, after signing the purchase contract, you need to pay for it first

Pay 80% of the estimated product material charge in advance.

Production packaging and distribution

We will deliver your products to the designated location in the right logistics mode within the specified time.

Customer check payment

Logistics information shall be timely feedback to you and the two parties shall establish and determine the delivery of products according to the purchase contract

Pay, customers carry out relevant inspection, confirm the goods, and pay the remaining payment.

Post tracking service

After the order is completed, we will regularly follow up and follow up the order, and thank you for your satisfactory service

Our support.

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