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Methods of rust removal and bright maintenance of metal cup surface

2020-11-10 丨

In the storage process, the surface of the metal cup will also appear corrosion traces due to long-term contact with air, which often forms a layer of oxidized copper rust. They are mainly copper oxide. If these substances can not be removed, it may affect the overall vision of the metal cup, and may also reduce the life of the cup. The following small series describes how to remove the copper rust on the surface of the metal cup.

1、 Mechanical derusting

At present, a widely used rust removal method, its principle is to use the impact and friction to effectively remove rust and dirt. The common tools used in this method are portable electric grinding wheel, electric brush, pneumatic brush, derusting gun, etc. The advantage of this method is that the quality and efficiency of rust removal are high, but the disadvantage is that these tools still need manual operation, labor intensity is large, and it is not suitable for complex geometric cup, nor suitable for large-scale rust removal.

2、 Chemical treatment for rust removal

The principle is to use the acid to react with the rust (oxide) on the surface of the cleaned metal cup to dissolve in the acid. In addition, the hydrogen generated by the interaction between the acid and the metal cup makes the oxide skin fall off mechanically.

3、 Manual derusting

A simple method to remove rust. Use scraper, hammer, steel brush, abrasive cloth (paper), grinding wheel and other tools to remove rust. The advantages of this kind of visit are simple and easy to operate and low cost; the disadvantages are high labor intensity, low efficiency, unstable quality and poor working environment.

The use of metal brightener is a kind of oily brightener, which can effectively protect the metal surface, present bright and clean metal luster, and leave a layer of protective film after use. Apply to alloy cup surface.

Please pour the stainless steel brightener into the spray pot and shake well before using. Spray appropriate amount of metal cup Brightener on the surface 15-20 cm away from the surface; immediately (do not let the spray dry) wipe with a clean and soft cloth until the surface is clean and bright. In case of stubborn stains, repeat the above steps.

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