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Analysis of the technological process of making metal badge

2020-11-10 丨

As we all know, there are many kinds of badges, such as lacquered badges, enamel badges, printed badges and so on. As a kind of lightweight handicrafts, badges have become more and more widely used in recent years. They can be used as identity and brand identification. Many important commemorative, promotional and gift activities also produce badges as souvenirs. Many people at home and abroad have made badges as souvenirs Love to collect badges. In order to let us know more about the badge, the following technologies are listed for our reference.

Hydraulic technology

Hydraulic pressure is also called oil pressure. It is to press the designed badge pattern and pattern on the metal materials with a flexible die, which is mainly used to make precious metal badges; such as pure gold and silver badges, which have always been the treasures of badge collection and investment.

Stamping process

The stamping process of the badge is to press the designed badge pattern and pattern on the materials such as red copper, white iron and zinc alloy by die stamping. It mainly uses the convex and concave lines to reflect the hierarchical sense of the picture. After polishing, electroplating, baking and other micro processes, the badge presents a strong metal texture. Stamping process is a common process of badge technology. No matter it is Enamel Badge, baking badge, printing badge, etc., it is processed by this process, and then supplemented by some badge manufacturing process.

Casting technology

The casting process is to make a steel mold with the designed logo picture and pattern. Generally, zinc alloy material is used for die casting, and then the surface is polished, polished, electroplated, etc., and can be painted and colored. The three-dimensional surface of the badge can achieve 2D effect. The manufacturing process is as follows: Casting Slab - coloring - grinding - electroplating - polishing.

Centrifugal casting process

The centrifugal casting process is to make the designed emblem pictures and patterns into silica gel mold by centrifugal casting. The materials are generally lead tin alloy and pure tin. This method can reflect finer lines or pictures. The appearance can be polished and plated with various colors. The badge can achieve 3D effect. The manufacturing process is as follows: casting slab polishing electroplating AP coating coloring.

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