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What are the types of metal badge making processes?

2020-11-10 丨

In recent years, the collection value of badges has become more and more prominent, especially for the badges and commemorations made of metal materials. What are the types of technologies for making metal badges?

1. Zinc alloy class: according to the color process for false enamel, baking paint, no color.

2. Lead tin alloy / Babbitt alloy: according to the color process, it is imitation enamel, baking paint, no color.

3. Press cutting class: according to the color process can be divided into: enamel, imitation enamel, baking paint (copper baking paint, iron baking paint, aluminum baking paint), no color biting plate type namely etching. Available materials are copper, iron, aluminum, stainless iron. There are baking paint or no color.

4. The color of baking process is bright, the lines are clear and bright, and the metal material texture is strong. Copper or iron can be used as raw materials. The iron baking paint badge is cheap and good in quality. If you have a small budget, choose this one.

5. The production process of imitation enamel is similar to the Enamel Badge. The difference between the imitation enamel and the real enamel is that the enamel pigment used for the emblem is different. The imitation enamel badge has exquisite craftsmanship and smooth enamel color surface, which gives people a very high-end and luxurious feeling. It is the first choice for the emblem production process.

6. The stamping process usually uses copper, zinc alloy, aluminum, iron and so on, which can also be called metal badge. Because copper is soft, it is more suitable for making badges, and the concave part of stamping badge can also be processed into sanding effect.

7. The printing process is divided into screen printing and plate printing. It is also known as gutta dropping badge, because the subsequent process is to add a layer of transparent protective resin on the surface of the badge. The materials used are mainly stainless steel and bronze. The right picture shows the bronze back effect. The copper or stainless steel surface of the printing badge is not electroplated, but the natural color or wire drawing treatment is adopted. Screen printing The badge is mainly for simple graphics and less color. Printing type: materials can be copper, aluminum, stainless iron.

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