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What kind of metal badge is more high-end

2020-11-10 丨

What kind of metal badge technology is high-end?

In recent years, the preservation value of badges has become more and more prominent, especially the badges and commemorative badges made of metal materials have become the mainstream of badge making. The so-called metal badge is made of copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold and silver through a certain badge process. A lot of people ask what kind of metal badge technology is high-end? The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of metal badges made of different materials.

1、 Copper

Copper is the preferred metal for the production of high-end badges. Among them, red copper is used for the production of enamel badges, while brass and bronze are mainly used for imitation of enamel badges and enamel badges. The metal material of copper is relatively soft. It is used to make metal badges. The metal badges are beautiful in appearance and high in quality. The thickness of the metal badges is 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm or 1.8 mm, and the thickness of commemorative badges is generally 3 mm.

2、 Iron

Iron is a common material. It has a feature of good hardness and relatively low price. Therefore, the price of metal badge made of iron is much cheaper. Moreover, the effect of electroplating or baking paint on the surface of iron badge is very similar to that of copper badge, and has better texture.

3、 Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is a good material for die casting metal insignia. Zinc alloy has several characteristics, which are suitable for making metal badges, three-dimensional badges and double-sided commemorative coins. A-good casting performance, can die-casting complex shape, thin-walled meter dense parts, casting surface lubrication; b-surface can be electroplating, painting, spraying and other processes; c-does not absorb iron, does not stick to the mold; d-has good room temperature mechanical properties and wear resistance; e-has low melting point, melting at 385 degrees, easy to die-casting molding, etc.

In addition to metal badges made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, stainless steel and stainless iron, there are also metal badges made of precious metals such as gold and silver and aluminum.

There is no end to process and skill improvement, and improvement is a continuous investment process. The lean change of sports medals and annual metal badge production is not a simple change of management mode, but a change of thinking mode and corporate culture from top to bottom. As a certain manufacturing enterprise, we seize the opportunity to deeply integrate the process skills and production skills, and improve the hard and solid production within the industry Establish a hundred years of influence on metal arts and crafts

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