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What materials are available for custom metal badges

2020-11-10 丨

What kind of metal material is the best choice for metal badge customization? Now more and more companies and friends like to customize the badge. First, it has the meaning of commemoration, and the second is that it has great preservation value! Generally choose Custom badge materials, mainly copper, iron, zinc alloy or gold, silver and other metal materials! Many people ask what kind of metal material to choose? Let's share it with you

1、 Gold and silver

These two kinds of metals are very expensive, and the price is calculated by gram. Therefore, in the custom badge industry, the selection is relatively small, but the performance is completely suitable, and the process requirements in the production planning are relatively high! Gold and silver is relatively soft, simple deformation, in the custody of increased difficulty! Xiaobian does not recommend using such precious metal for badge customization.

2、 Copper

Copper is the preferred metal for custom-made metal badges. Among them, red copper is used to make enamel badges, brass and bronze are mainly used to make metal badges such as imitation enamel badges and baking paint badges. Copper is a kind of soft metal material, which is used to make metal badges use more materials. The metal badges produced are beautiful in appearance and superior in quality, and their general thickness is 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm Or 1.8 mm, the thickness of the Souvenir Stamp is generally 3 mm.

3、 Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy is a better material for die-casting metal badges. Zinc alloy has many characteristics, which is suitable for making metal badges, three-dimensional badges and double-sided commemorative coins. 1. It has outstanding casting performance, and can die-casting complex, thin-walled and smooth parts. 2. The surface can be electroplated, sprayed and sprayed; 3. It does not absorb iron or stick to the mold; 4. It has excellent mechanical properties and room temperature Low melting point, 385 ℃ melting point, easy to die casting, etc.

4、 Stainless steel

Stainless steel, also known as stainless steel, is mainly used to make printing badges, also known as dropper badges, with a general thickness of 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm. The main characteristics of stainless steel metal badges are strong corrosion resistance, high metal durability and high cost performance of metal economy, rich surface printing color and outstanding decoration effect, which is a good choice for making badges.

5、 Iron

Iron is a common material, it has outstanding hardness and relatively low price characteristics. Therefore, the metal badge made of iron is much cheaper, and the effect of electroplating or baking paint on the surface of iron badge is very similar to that of copper badge, and the texture is very good.

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