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On the manufacturing process of metal die casting accessories

2020-11-10 丨

The making technology of hardware Badge

Hardware badge is a kind of honor, souvenir and other medals that people wear. In fact, the real purpose of the badge is very wide, and there are many kinds of badges, such as some promotional activities, travel souvenir badges in key scenic spots, etc. the badge is a kind of small jewelry, which is used in promotion and promotion activities, and has the value of preservation.

Metal badge materials are generally made of copper, iron and other materials. The appearance color is generally baking varnish, imitation enamel, bite plate, etc. according to the different technology, the role of the produced badge is also different.

As a special commemorative badge, copper material is usually simple, rough and high-end, especially in red copper land. Gold medal is the best product in the badge, which is usually issued quantitatively for a special commemorative activity; the badge made of iron material is thin, delicate, accurate in color, bright in appearance and not easy to corrode.

There are many kinds of hardware badges, including iron badges, zinc alloy badges, copper badges and so on. Most of the processes are finished by drawing, plate making, engraving, stamping, polishing, electroplating and coloring.

In the production process of hardware badge, every process is very important. For example, drawing, even the simple lines are very important. It is the initial step of badge production, and the subsequent operations are carried out according to it. The engraving needs to align the draft. If the lines are missing and not found by the follow-up personnel, they will be scrapped. Special attention should be paid to the alignment of the die position when stamping, Polishing quality can not be ignored, must be thrown to the appropriate stop, electroplating is also very important, especially gold-plated, electroplating time must be well controlled, otherwise it will be very brief color difference, the follow-up is filling, coloring is like the face of people, generally attributed to manual operation, the need for technical staff to operate, can prevent some magazines on the color, see After the above process is finished, the hardware badge can be packaged.

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