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Q: I want to customize medals, how should I customize it?

A: For more customization process is as follows:

(A) units can be customized according to their own cultural elements needed to design your organization on medals, medals can be round, square, oval, regular shaped and contoured (shaped depending on the complexity of the shape may be), as has been there are design draft, I can send to my company mail, design artwork for analysis after I check, if inconsistent manufacturing process design will be adjusted according to the communication artwork, FIG. after the order is issued to final confirmation.

Or: custom units can call and operational personnel also shows that design requirements by the company directly to the artwork design.

(B) I undertake the processing of the material mainly medals of gold, silver, copper three materials based. Gold fineness Au.999 (ie, thousands of gold), Baiyin Cheng color is Ag.999. Copper are copper and brass two kinds. Surface oxidation treatment can be done or platinum-plated gold, rose gold, gold and silver medals normal weight generally divided 1oz (31.1035 Ke), 2 oz, 3 oz, 5 oz, 1/2 oz or 30 grams, 50 grams, 100 g and the like. Conventional diameter is generally φ40mm, φ50mm, φ60mm, φ30mm, and so on.

(C) medals production period is generally 15 days. However, the production cycle can be coordinated according to the actual needs of customers.

(Iv) production process

1, contract, advance payment arrive. 2, mold making, refers to the artwork has been finalized.

3, the production of blanks 4, finished pressing

(E) shipments, inspection of goods After pay the balance, and if you need money on behalf of cargo to be shipped.