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Nobel laureate James Watson (James Watson)

      Famous American molecular biologist, Nobel Prize winner James Watson (James Watson) recently added a news, 86-year-old man who has life already full of controversy, especially his race, gender discrimination and other scandals and he found the same par scientific achievements DNA double helix, this practice is no exception, he was still alive when he became the first Nobel laureate medal auction. December 4, his medals niuyuekelisidi (Christie's) auction hammer for $ 4.1 million (US $ 4.76 million the previous misinformation contained in a deposit, "Nature" magazine has been corrected), which is sold in the history of the Nobel Prize card the highest price, than the previous estimate of 250 experts to $ 3.5 million are much higher. In addition to medals, Watson also up for auction at the awards reception speeches and lectures lectures, speeches on this Stockholm hotel stationery graffiti final price of $ 356,000 to shoot, shoot handouts out of $ 245,000.

      Watson is one of the most important scientists of the twentieth century in the field of biology, he and Crick, the British scientist co-discovered the double helix structure of DNA completely changed the course of biology, including laying a half century later, including human gene profiling a number of major scientific discovery of foundation. Watson on April 6, 1928 was born in Chicago, a first-generation Irish immigrant family, his childhood and his father as a tailor's like watching birds, the birds had thought the main professional at the age of 15 and thus eligible for a scholarship to the University of Chicago but in 1946 because of the impact of a book he was subject to gene, Watson 1947 is eligible to enter undergraduate degree at Indiana University Graduate School, received his PhD in 1950. The postdoctoral Houwo Sen to Copenhagen, and worked at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, which is where he met a friend, collaborator and gains together with the Nobel Prize Francis Crick (Francis Crick). 1953 returned to the United States, Watson worked in the California Polytechnic University and taught at Harvard, 1962 Watson, Crick and Maurice Wilkin 1953 discovered the double helix structure of DNA shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. 1968, Watson served as Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island, New York (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), director and research shifted to the cancer. In 1976 he resigned from the Harvard office focused Harbor. In 1988, Watson was appointed United States National Health Service as an assistant director of the human genome project, and a year later transferred to the competent. 1994 Watson became the President of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in this position, he worked until 2007, was temporarily suspended due to racial remarks, Watson immediately announced his retirement. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory mainly engaged in cancer, neurobiology and molecular genetics at work here nearly four decades, Cold Spring Harbor Watson make one of the best laboratories in the world, known as the world's life sciences the holy Land and the cradle of molecular biology. In addition to the Nobel Prize, but Watson also won the prestigious Copley Prize (1993) and the Lomonosov Gold Medal (1994).

      Together with the award-winning friend Crick different low-key, Watson's life is filled with all kinds of controversy. Politically, Watson was at Harvard during the more radical activists, participated in the protest against the Vietnam War, or the staunch anti-nuclear proliferation environmentalists. Academically, surrounding him and Crick won the Nobel Prize is also a great controversy, mainly because they used X-ray diffraction data were collected with two collaborators, England King's College in the case did not get authorization, which is important evidence of the DNA double helix structure. But all of these are no more controversial than his speech on race, gender and other discrimination, he worked in a variety of occasions publicly stated its opposition to homosexuality, claiming that "if we can determine if the fetus has a gay gene should allow mothers abortion"; he looked down obese, he felt "very bad feeling when you interview fat, because fat will not hire"; he favored genetic screening and genetic engineering that stupidity is a disease, 10% of the bottom of society stupidity should use genetic screening to remove, at the same time in favor of the use of genetic engineering "to create" more beautiful people; he repeatedly stepped ethical line on the human genome project, during the human genome project director of the national Institutes of health office (NIH), Watson once a small part of the funds set aside, and repeatedly Institute of disagreement on policy; he discrimination against women in scientific autobiography "double helix" in the female scientist Rosalind Franklin's description full of male chauvinism; his remarks more terrible racial discrimination, such as "black libido stronger" and "blacks inferior to whites smart", etc., which are a direct result of his subsequent temporary suspension and announced his retirement, which happened in 2007, Watson was 79 years old. If you think that then he would grow old, you're wrong, and again in 2013 due to Watson controversial racial remarks, he said that "the history of the Irish curse is not alcohol, not stupid, but ignorance" Although he also has Irish ancestry. Then this is the recently opened the first live auction will be medals precedent, the previous year, together with the award-winning Watson Crick (died in 2004) family had auctioned his medals, a price of $ 2.27 million.

Nobel card to be auctioned

      Watson why auction Nobel brand, it just because of the nature described above in love toss? Personally, I think a large part of the reason is unwilling. There are few media that Watson was due to racial remarks by academia marginalized and lonely, because they have to help make ends meet and was forced to auction the Nobel brand, I think he does not leave academia was left out, but the economic problems auction Medals inference is is untenable, as the Honorary Chairman of Cold Spring Harbor, his page has been linked to the site in Cold Spring Harbor, 86 years old, he still held every year from Cold Spring Harbor laboratory base salary of $ 375,000, which is in the United States not a small number, it is only the US President's annual salary of $ 400,000. So, this auction for a living is a false whereby "rejoin civil society" (Watson answered reporters' words) is true, it is clear that he has reached this result. Watson on the "Nature" magazine reporter said he to atone, will donate part of the proceeds from the auction Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, another part of Ireland donated a university (University College Cork), to help them build a memorial mathematician (George Boole) research center, because "I have 52% of Irish descent (Baituowosen this is how you work out? Do not startle or language? solo note)."

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on the web site screenshots Watson

      Watson auction Nobel brand in China news caused a stir far beyond the United States, in the domestic GuoZiHao mainstream media have reported. For most people, the auction Nobel brand is very strange thing, especially in their lifetime; however, in the United States, most people would think it was his personal choice and laugh, Nobel laureate is a person, and people no one is perfect, not even the Wizards Einstein is no exception, "tall" is just wishful thinking on our hearts, not perfect Watson to sell it serves decent medal. Watson Auction medals in China's news effect may also originated from the Nobel Prize card "surprising" effect, China is currently no scientific award, the other is only a handful, including the US Peace Prize Nobel Prize winners, including a total of 353, far more than German second (102) and third in France (67), accounting for 40% of all Nobel prize winners, and 48 percent in science, medicine and economics, to become Europe's awards accounted for led by "foreign forces continent" and therefore a winner of the toss in the United States does not cause too much news effect only.

      Watson's Nobel cards sold at the end of the auction, the 86-year-old removed the last medal touch, from this brand will no longer belong to him, but his name will remain Forever and Nobel Prize together , who also take away, from this point of view, but the medal is a symbol fills substance, it does not represent the essence.