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March 23, Vanke? Songshan Lake International Marathon 2016 held a pre-match press conference in Dongguan. Conference, Deputy Mayor, deputy executive director of the organizing committee, Yu Lijun introduces the basic situation of the progress of preparations for the event, science and technology and cultural exchanges Day, awarded to the tournament sponsors cooperation plaque.

Ma Wan first content-rich, a total of four projects, 2,500 full marathon, half marathon 3000, Mini Marathon 5500, Carnival Day Run 4000, a total of 15,000 players.

Wherein the first Wando Matt invited a total of 37 players, 14 from Ethiopia, Kenya 13, Tanzania 4, 2 Morocco, Eritrea 1 Azerbaijan 1, Uganda 1, China 1. In the 15,000 athletes Ma Wan in the first foreign athletes 322 were from 29 different countries and regions; Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan athletes 516. Special mention needs to be, the first Wando Matt invited players have a female athletes from China - Sun bloom, her best result in Malaysia is 2:27:55. Participation of many domestic and foreign players compete for gold and silver standard, will ignite the first Wando Race enthusiasm!

Work carried out orderly

Volunteer services, this event recruited 3,400 volunteers, all volunteers went through a general training and job professional training, to ensure that our athletes and provide people with thoughtful amenities.

Safeguards event organization, this event has recruited nearly 30 "Rabbit" (lead member) and nearly 170 judges and set up a supply point along the science with food supply, spray cooling and other special equipment, to ensure that our players long-distance running events to provide professional services.

Health protection, were set up along the track 36 medical stations equipped with ambulances and medical and other motorized mobile medical rescue forces, set about 100 meters a gang allied health volunteer network; the end of each category and region are set to resume accordance with the schedule set characteristics of the relevant recovery services staff positions; assembly and evacuation regional organizations patrol rescue teams, can provide a comprehensive deal with the situation of rescue service

Transportation security, the event is expected to exceed the total number of 30,000 people, in order to ensure the smooth progress of events, event organizers detailed planning of the traffic control program, developed a high population concentration mitigation measures. Meanwhile, in the event the starting point and end point will be arranged nearly more than 300 vehicles shuttle ferry shuttle bus provided for the majority of the players and the masses to provide convenient transportation to travel.

Science and technology and cultural exchanges

March 25-27 during which he will hold a series of science and technology and cultural exchanges activities, including creating an international passenger Carnival, 2016 China (Dongguan) International Robot Leadership Summit, "Sports and Health" theme Members Forum 2016 China International Aircraft Design Challenge cum National aerospace model Open (Dongguan Railway station), etc., when the number of exciting high-tech show will also be integrated into the marathon being, develop their "marathon + technology," the exciting activities in front of everyone, the Spring Festival Evening performances robot technology elements.

Enterprise strong hand

Ma Wan first preparatory work smoothly, its distinctive features by the community's attention and support, also attracted strong hand of well-known companies and local vendors. Thanks to the following brands on this horse Wan support and trust:

Official Title Sponsor: Dongguan Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd;

Official partners: Dongguan City Group Co., Ltd. pure;

Official Supplier: Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank Co., CIGNA Life Insurance, only his natural cocoa coconut water, Shenzhen Pepsi-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., Hsu Fu Chi International Group, Dongguan City, Jia Mei Foods Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Wan Hong Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, Ma Yong bananas.

Finish commemorative medal

Next, he announced concern finish medal!

Ma Wan first medal finish in Dongguan Dongguan flowers unique core design elements. Positive use of dynamic yellow highlight "bloom" a cluster of bright, brilliant Dongguan flowers, moral pluralism and motility Dongguan, a strong sense of visual impact, a distance three-dimensional effect is obvious. Negative relief techniques outlined in Dongguan, one of the eight can park, show human feelings Dongguan City of technological innovation from the details.

Unlike conventional marathon, Ma Wan is the first contestant to prepare different projects marked good finish kilometer exclusive finish medal! So that every contestant has a single genus own memories! !